Anj Avraam

Anj is a science fiction writer, game developer and voice actor with a love for languages and music.

His colourful career so far includes having co-written the concept for the TV series, Reaper (originally intended for British TV and called Drop Dead), the story for two tabletop wargames and a gothic fantasy card game, plus many more RPGs and action/adventures for PC, Mac, iPhone and Wii-U. He’s an award-winning music producer whose work has appeared in major films and his voice acting résumé includes having played the voice of King John of England.


Dawn of the Tyrant

In the last year I've grown and so has the scope of my work. I'm neck-deep in game development and it feels wonderful. There's big things on the horizon with Dawn of the Tyrant about to be launched for crowdfunding. We're in the final phase of development of Unknown, an adventure game for the app store. I have also been taken on as writer for another fantasy RPG so watch this space for the big reveal, coming soon!


Original science fiction

I have two exciting e-books to keep you going while I'm neck-deep in gamedev stuff.